Students at work in the Classical Studies Library.

The Program in Ancient Philosophy at the University of Michigan combines the strength of two of Michigan’s leading departments, Philosophy and Classical Studies, both of which have been consistently ranked in the top ten programs in their respective fields for decades.

Students in the program will pursue a PhD in either Philosophy or Classical Studies and an MA in the companion field. All of this can be achieved within the standard six years for each program. Learn more ›

Victor Caston has accepted the editorship of Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy

06 October

Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy is one of the two leading serials in the field of Ancient Philosophy. Started in 1983, Oxford Studies has been successively edited by Julia Annas, Christopher Taylor, David Sedley, and now currently Brad Inwood. Caston begins in July 2015, with the editing of volume 50. (The Departments of Philosophy and Classical Studies are funding a graduate student research assistant in connection with the editorship.)

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